Untamed Fury: The Return Of Jake Charm

By Matt Kreutz
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Convinced it's a trap to lure him into the open, Jake can't resist Callie. With his jaded worldview and dark sense of humor, he rushes back to the States. They've been trying to kill him for over fifteen years, and as long as those who want Jake dead still breathe, his friends Curt, Cash and Callie are in grave danger.

A firsthand witness to the Oklahoma City Bombing Coverup, some in the Deep State's shadow government are on a mission to bury Jake and what he knows by any means necessary. It's the same reason they executed Jake's old schoolmate Timmy McVeigh faster than the speed of truth - dead men don't talk.

These brutal government assassins seek to destroy Jake's reputation and then take his life. Collateral damage is inconsequential. With Jake in the ground, they're expecting to finally retire with a full-government pension, a mission-completion bonus and the status of heroes.

But first, they'll need to get Jake Charm. It did not suddenly become easy.

''An excellent delivery of suspense, shock and thrill. A book you can't put down"- Peter Vazquez, the president of the Frederick Douglass Foundation of New York.

About the Author

Matt Kreutz is an independent money manager and retirement planner, who also helps folks with their life insurance and Medicare insurance needs. He's a husband, father and grandfather, a farmer, a hunter, a BBQ-pit master, a woodworking craftsman and an all-around America-loving patriot.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 286