The World We Live In

By A.T. Rayana
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Daniel Peters was a standard teen living a standard life. Until he wasn’t. The day his father disappeared, his life would never return to a sense of normalcy again. As he races against the deadly Shafaiks, Daniel finds himself stuck in a new life of trying to save his father from his ultimate demise with his best friend by his side. However, as more complexities arise in his quest, Daniel finds his journey to be plagued with atrocities that he never imagined possible. Death. Accusations. Arrests. Abuse. Blood. And the most gut-wrenching of them all, BETRAYAL.

About the Author

A.T. Rayana is sixteen years old and lives in New Jersey with his parents and little sister. He is currently a junior in high school. This is his debut novel and strives to publish at least one more book before he goes off to college. He got into the world of writing after realizing his love for it through school assignments and digital projects. Along with his passion for writing, A.T. loves to play/watch soccer, read books in his free time, and go traveling across the world.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 160