The Adventure Of The Forgotten Moai

By P. J. Hatton
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Sarah Barnes is a young anthropologist working in the cleaning room at the National Museum, taking care of some of its ancient artifacts. It's a bit of a humdrum life, however, it does have its perks. For every once in a while, she is allowed to head out into the field for some real treasure hunting.

After a near death experience on the plains of Africa, at the hands of her long-time nemesis, Sarah becomes entwined in a far larger mystery at home. One of riddles and murders and all things mysterious.

After teaming up with a handsome curator of a rival museum and making a dangerous trip to the Florida Keys, Sarah eventually finds herself on her way to the South Pacific as the clues of the riddle begin to unfold.

Once there, she finds all is not what it seems, and an enemy that has returned to haunt her!

Join Sarah Barnes on her first thrilling adventure, one in which she even receives a new name for all of her efforts.

About the Author

P. J. Hatton is a native of Vancouver, Canada. He is both an engineer and project manager in addition to being an active member of his church and the Knights of Columbus. Yet, he is also very spirited at putting his imagination to paper with several novels already to his credit. He recently returned from a trip to the fabled Easter Island where he received inspiration for this book.

— This is my first foray into a real adventure story set in modern times and at a location I am most excited about. Savannah Barnes is also my first, lead heroine who is about to face a wild thrill ride of exploration and suspense.

I hope you like it!

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 120