Southern Justice

By Doyle L. Coats
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Southern Justice is a suspenseful, action-packed novel following ex-agent Hank Hatfield. Hank had it all – the job, the prestige that came along with it, a beautiful wife, and three great kids. He lost it all overnight and turned to alcoholism to cope.

Six years later, his ex-wife shows up with horrible news about the kidnapping of their son, Lee. Hank needs to get on the case and recall his old skill, putting down the bottle and picking up a gun. Hank has a plan – to get his son back, and to impart his own version of justice: Southern Justice.

About the Author

Doyle L. Coats graduated from the University of North Alabama in Florence, AL. Mr. Coats attended college on the GI Bill and worked graveyard shifts at the Ford Motor Co. Aluminum Foundry in Sheffield, AL. After graduating from college in 1969, he was promoted to manager at Ford.

In August of that same year, Mr. Coats was hired by the United States Treasury to become a special agent criminal investigator. He attended special agent basic training in Alexandria, VA. After training, Mr. Coats was stationed in New York, then transferred to Mobile, AL. In the seventies, Mr. Coats volunteered to become a US Sky Marshal to stop the hijacking of commercial flights. He also served as security to foreign dignitaries.

After living in various parts of Europe, Mr. Coats was admitted to the PhD program and earned his Juris Dr. of Law at the University of Mississippi School of Accounting. Then he decided he’d rather be a courtroom lawyer and went to law school, graduating in 1981.

After a very distinguished law career, he has settled in Gulfport, MS and practices there. He is married to his wife Linda, and between them, they have eight children. They have twelve grandchildren and two great-grandchildren, and they reside one block from the beach in Gulfport, MS.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 340