Not My Diamonds: A Missing Holocaust Heirloom. The Unshakable Bonds Of A Family

By Ruth Zanger Barron
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Not My Diamonds: A missing Holocaust heirloom. The unshakable bonds of a family

In a twisting, turning web of intrigue and deceit, Not My Diamonds follows two families as their lives unfold with similar struggles, injustice, and heartbreak, until their stories intersect and both try to move forward along a more positive path with efforts to add good to the world.

Maddie, the girl who grew up to commit financial fraud is faced with the loss of her gains. She commits to becoming honest and charitable, turning her life around, though, perhaps too late. Holocaust survivor Helena knows of a family treasure lost to time, a treasure that was entrusted to Maddie’s grandfather at the end of World War II. Esmerelda illegally entered the US alone and now works with the FBI to solve financial crimes. She develops a kinship with Helena and is there to see the resolution to the connected stories of the Bergers and the Ellises. Not My Diamonds demonstrates the value of family and the path to personal redemption.

About the Author

Ruth Zanger Barron has been an insurance professional for many years, a career that brought her in touch with different people and countless personal stories. Those stories inspired her to begin writing. Her great interest in history prompted Barron to write this novel about people who fought in World War II and those who escaped persecution and death. Her other hobbies are reading, gardening and travel, particularly to places of historical importance.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 382