By Daniel T. Willis, Sr
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Kellyanne and Nellyanne are two identical and indistinguishable twins. They were born in the Bronx, New York to Jerome, an alcoholic taxi driver and Marianne, an out-of-work hairdresser with terminal cervical cancer. After experiencing childhood abuse at the hands of their father and the death of their mother, one joins the police academy while the other washes out. Kellyanne becomes a renowned detective while Nellyanne leads a life of crime. Their worlds collide when Kellyanne is investigating a homicide and all evidence leads to her twin sister as the primary suspect. She must now betray the unbreakable bond between them that they once shared in the name of justice.

About the Author

Daniel T. Willis, Sr was born in Oakland, CA on December 31, 1954 to Reverend A.D. and Missionary Martha Faye Willis, strict Pentecostal believers. After graduating high school, he married at nineteen and joined the Air Force at 22. During his 22nd year of military service, he developed a brain tumor. Complications from three surgeries to remove it left him with no vision in his right eye and ten percent vision in his left, as well as paralyzed from the waist down and unable to speak. He suffered four strokes. The medical prognosis was that he would be unable to form coherent sentences, and that if he ever walked again, it would take at least one year and require extensive assistance. After two years of intense rehabilitation, Willis was able to walk without assistance, speak, and earn four degrees. One of these was in creative writing, which gave him the tools to become an author.

Willis is now a retired, 100% disabled military veteran living in Wichita Falls, Texas. He has written three books, a screenplay, and a poetry collection. He draws inspiration from life experiences and his active imagination. He creates characters, gives them a situation, and allows them to tell the story unencumbered. He hopes to inspire readers to live purposefully and deliberately every moment of every day.

DISCLAIMER: This book contains graphic depictions of child sexual abuse.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 142