Into The Shadows: The Enemy Inside All Of Us

By Valerie E. Henry
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Into the Shadows: The Enemy Inside All of Us is a gripping novel by Valerie E. Henry. This story is one of greed and power. It explores the bad side of everyone, even those you would least suspect. The small town featured in the story is full of murder, deep secrets, and unexpected alliances. Join the police officers and detectives as they try to solve the small town’s murders before it is too late. Follow the clues, meet the unforgettable characters, and put together the pieces of the puzzle to figure out the murders in this well-written thriller.

About the Author

Valerie E. Henry grew up in Antigua and Barbuda. She spent several years in Montserrat. She became a United States citizen in 2002. She currently resides in New York, New York where she enjoys cooking and watching television. In particular, she enjoys crime shows, sports, and current events. Valerie holds a bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies and a master’s degree in Criminology and Justice.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 188