Hasta Mañana

By Carolyn Wilkerson
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Hasta Mañana tells the story of Border Patrol Agent Myriam Valencia’s search for the drug smuggler who gave her son drugs that killed him, while also addressing illegal immigration and the difficult task of patrolling the southwestern border.

While this timeless story is based on things that could happen, it also highlights the story of an adolescent mother, who had to first raise herself, and who had to make the hard decisions about the needs and responsibilities of her child, and her parental rights. In the end, she must choose between friendship and justice.

Critically acclaimed author, Carolyn Wilkerson, wishes you, the reader, to take away an authentic depiction of reality and its many diverse interpretations, as it currently exists on all sides of border/migration management issues, considering their inextricably intertwined, social, cultural, and economic factors.

About the Author

Although Wilkerson has used her writing skills to author professional documents, she notes that she was shy by nature and a closet writer of fiction and poetry for many years. Writing is a way Wilkerson liberated her thoughts from her head, even when no one read them but her. Writing helped her to absorb the grief of losing her father at age twelve, her mother two weeks after her sixteenth birthday, and writing poetry helped her to deal with the anxiety of living in Washington, D.C. during the late 1960’s riots. Writing was also an affordable therapy when her marriage fizzled after just three years.

Wilkerson published articles and a biweekly newspaper column in what seems like another lifetime. Since most beginning writers don’t have a predictable income and she was raising a young child without child support, that career path was not an option. Now, her son, a retired U.S. Federal Agent, is helping her to fulfill a dream deferred. Wilkerson encourages others who have had to make practical choices in years past to revisit their childhood dreams, inspiring others to embrace the passion that might still be there under the cocoon like layers of life that got in the way, just waiting for a breath of fresh perspective to unfurl their wings.

“Hasta Mañana is a fast-moving and exciting thriller novel with great characters and a story where the line between the bad guys and good guys is crossed as often as the U.S. border. Wilkerson accurately portrayed my experience of working as a Border Patrol Agent while keeping me entertained the whole way with each chapter drawing me to the next, leading to an unexpected conclusion.” – Mike Molloy, U.S. Border Patrol Agent in Charge, Retired

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 192