The Human Conspiracy

By J. M. Wiseman
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Despite the lingering pain from the recent death of his beloved wife, Dr. Alexander Reed stands in the threshold of achieving global fame and recognition. He cannot help but feel it, too, once he realizes that he is just a step away from finally taming the mechanism that makes the AIDS virus so effectively lethal.

Alexs intellectual brilliance, however, has not prepared him to face the looming evil and violence that his staggering work has triggered to be unleashedagainst him and the people close to his heartincluding the one woman who awakens old emotions inside of him.

The Human Conspiracy by J. M. Wiseman is a gripping tale that explores the growing suspicion that beneath the apparent march of progress and history are monstrous vested interest groups who will stop at nothing to thwart anything and anyone who stands in their relentless pursuit of power, money, and control.

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Published: 2011
Page Count: 268