Where The Light Flows In

By Sharon C. Eccleston
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Where the Light Flows In is a collection of poems that evokes thoughts of staying strong, staying connected to God at all times, and giving love to a world that is in crisis. It is to inspire people emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. It gives a perspective of the value and dignity that we all have in this life and the journey, that though different for all of us, is about learning how to seek and find Him.

About the Author

Sharon C. Eccleston was born in Panama, Central America, in 1958 and migrated to the U.S. in 1961. She had a wonderful childhood growing up in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, and lived there until she was 40 years of age. She has an extreme love of music and loves beauty in the home and her environment!

Sharon’s special interests are simply for her to help the person, people, or community that needs whatever she can give. Her comfort place is in the background, and family and friends are everything to her.

Sharon went back to school at 40 years old, in the Fall of 1998. She did not know then that a simple email would be the vehicle that God would use to set her on the path that He wanted her to be on. She received a Bachelor’s in English Literature at Brooklyn College, and her love of poetry began.

Her thoughts to share –

Blessings come to us in ways that we could never imagine! Life, although tough, will always find ways of bringing to you something special just for you! Be open to receive . . . even when you are afraid!

Published: 2021
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