Uncommon Poems Common People

By T. D. Kruser
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Uncommon Poems, Common People

Uncommon Poems, Common People is a compilation of poems written over the past 40 years. It combines the traditional poetic elements of turn of phrase and open and multiple interpretations for the reader while at the same time most of the poems are written in commonsense language that most people will be able to relate to and find easier to understand. What makes this book interesting is that it reflects the common experiences and emotions that most all of us go through and are able to relate with; additionally, its message is very relevant in that most everyone searches for both meaning and a sense of purpose in their lives, despite life's obstacles and pitfalls. What makes Uncommon Poems unique is that it offers to the reader the possibility that a path can be found, that life is not hopeless, and that with the proper growth and guidance, it is possible for all/anyone to come to a place of self-peace and contentment in their own lives. It is intended to be enriching, inspiring, and to instill within the reader a renewed sense of hope and purpose.

About the Author

T. D. Kruser is active in various ministries in his local Episcopal Church in Federal Way, WA. He has been writing for over 40 years and this is his second book; his hobbies are reading and travel. He was raised in Iowa, the youngest of five children, and has overcome numerous personal challenges that reflect his writing and which have helped him to grow and develop into the person that he is today.

T. D. is an Air Force veteran of nine years and served at various bases worldwide. He graduated with a BS in Pharmacy from the University of Iowa in 1991 and was a practicing Pharmacist for 23 years. He is a retired cancer survivor.


4/4 stars from The Online Bookclub

Poetry can express feelings we don't completely understand, but it can be hard to interpret poems when they have various complicated and unusual words. However, I didn't have that problem when I read this book since the author uses simple sentences that we usually hear in daily conversations. Still, he maintained the rhythm and the meaning of the verses. Furthermore, the accessible speeches combined with well-known thoughts about feelings make this book easy and fast to read.
It's a thoughtful poetry book that portrays the author's reflections and his maturation as a writer. I recommend it to those people who enjoy short poems about feelings. I also recommend it to readers who usually consider the poetic language too complicated since this volume might change their minds.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 166

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Robert PADEN
The short work of poetry, “Uncommon Poems Common People” is a shout-out of sorts to love and life...

Regardless of how much one is interested or not in poetry, the poems in this short volume are easy to understand and appreciate regardless of how sophisticated one is or isn't when it comes to poetry.,