The Will Saunters: Pushing Onward

By Zack Saunders
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The Will Saunters: Pushing Onward tells a collection of creative ideas to communicate emotion and thought—likely stemming from trauma or some other form of inspiration. The poems reveal three differing perspectives from the vantage point of people who once lived in the same broken household. They also portray the creative thought patterns that readers can either relate to or deeply appreciate.

This book displays a collection of poems and creative pieces put together as a broken family's project. William "B.J." Saunders, deceased due to alcoholism, provided the majority of the writings. Angela Mitchell, ex-wife to William Saunders, supplies the second largest portion of the book. Zack Saunders, son of William Saunders and Angela Mitchell, displays his creative expressions for a third portion of the book.

Readers can feel drawn to the paintings portrayed through words. Each writing hopefully captivates readers with its uniqueness and ability to make readers feel the emotion behind what each author communicates.

About the Author

Zack Saunders has community involvement via his MSSW education at the University of Louisville, as well as an occupation as a Mental Health Technician for a mental health agency in southern Indiana. For hobbies, he enjoys piano, creative writing, reading, watching drama movies or shows with witty humor, and spending time in nature. He has special interests in history, racial justice, social work, psychology, mental health, and creative expression.

Family-wise, the word "broken" comes to his mind. He’s still overcoming trauma wounds. He’d like to raise a family of his own and begin new, healthier generational patterns. On a positive note, his dad fostered in him a passion for creative writing and playing music.

Concerning his education, Zack graduated from Indiana University Southeast with a BA in Psychology and a Minor in History. During college, he conducted two psychological studies (one study on mental functioning, and one study on how emotional intelligence relates to personal living situations). He also conducted a historical research study on racial oppression. Currently Zack is currently working toward his MSSW and LCSW so that he may provide counseling services for others. He has a passion for facilitating healing in people,

Published: 2020
Page Count: 164

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David Stokes
The Will Saunters

Life related and inspiring. Thoughts I can relate to