The Real Meaning Of Christmas

By Reginald (Regg) Keyawa
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In 1822, Clement Clarke Moore, an Episcopal minister, wrote a long Christmas poem entitled An Account of a Visit from St. Nicholas, more popularly known as ’Twas the Night before Christmas. Good, bad, or otherwise, Christmas has become more about Santa Claus and less about its true meaning, the Birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ. The Real Meaning of Christmas shows a man starting out as Santa Claus, worshipping the Christ Child, and leaving as St. Nicholas.

About the Author

Reginald (Regg) Keyawa was born in 1939 in Chico, California, and schooled at Notre Dame Parochial, Chico Junior and Senior high schools, and Chico State College. He worked for nine years as a farm laborer, box boy, bookkeeper, and manager; thirty years as a self-employed general engineering contractor; and twenty-three years as a self-employed gentleman farmer.

Keyawa’s hobbies include flying planes, golf, building and flying model airplanes, and enjoying live theater. He and his wife Dorothy, now residing in Orland, California, enjoy two children, a granddaughter, and a great-grandson.

Published: 2020
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