The Old Man's Poet

By Christopher Eng
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The Old Man’s Poet is the culmination of 15 years of observation on the part of poet Christopher Eng. As he travelled throughout the Western USA, he wrote, sharing his poetry with many of the park rangers he encountered, and now, he’s sharing it with the world. We all share the same elements as the stars in the universe, after all. We are symbiotic with the trees of the world. We breathe out carbon dioxide, which they need, and they give us oxygen, which we need. Eng’s reflections and unique interpretation of the natural world will capture the minds of readers young and old.

About the Author

Christopher Eng has always felt to be a part of nature, “dust to dust,” so to speak. He believes that expressing oneself is often difficult, and for a long time, words were floating around in his head with no outlet; then he found poetry, a way to express those words and share his thoughts and observations with others. Inspiration is the stimulus. His favorite poets include Frost, Poe, and Longfellow.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 110