The Falling Petals Of Magnolia

By Maya Ashvil
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The Falling Petals of Magnolia is a collection of poetry that helps us through whatever challenges or ordeals we are going through in our own daily lives. We can find an exit portal to a bit of joyful, sincerely transparent, and happy escape, to remind us that no matter how hard life can get, beauty still exists in the world and it is worth moving past life’s hard and dark moments to witness it more and more.

There is always a better day waiting in the future in everyone’s life, one filled with peace and genuine happiness and security, and reading this collection will help remind us of this small, yet incredibly crucial, fact.

About the Author

Maya Ashvil is a recent college graduate who has been writing poetry since middle school. She loves writing about things she sees in the world around her, including the various places, people, and events in her life. The poem that inspired the title of this collection is called “I Am the Magnolia Tree,” for which she received her first recognition at age 14.

Ms. Ashvil has taken high school and college-level Creative Writing classes, during which time many of her poems were written. Some of her personal favorite pieces are “A Walk through a Timeless Square” and “The Man at Panda Express,” which were inspired by her personal views on Manhattan. Maya currently lives with her family in New York.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 68