Sweet Inspiration

By Mack Holland
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Sweet Inspiration: The Mack Holland Book of Inspiration, Poetry, and Song celebrates the spirit of God, encouraging the unity of all mankind and inspiring readers to take care of the health of their souls, bodies, and minds. By recognizing all that God has blessed us with, this book of inspiration, poetry, and song aims to help everyone take pride in themselves and others.

About the Author

Mack Hollands writings reflect life, love, religion, and people. He is honored to be able to use his writing as a way to communicate with others and is excited to share his works with the world. However, writing is just one of Hollands many hobbies. Others include sports, music, exercising, reading, talking to good people, and above all, following the spirit of God. Recordings of Hollands songs are available on iTunes, Amazon, and other music sites.

Mack Holland is a resident of Augusta, Georgia, where he has lived since 1988. He was born and raised in the neighboring town of Aiken, South Carolina.

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Published: 2017
Page Count: 98

Customer Reviews

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Yolanda J.
Excellent Book!

This book is so refreshing to the soul. A must have for anyone. So down to earth. A+