Stand Tall!

By Sgt. Pops
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About the Book

Stand Tall! Sgt Pops’ Poems for Veterans & Their Friends & Families is a collection of poems written originally for Sgt Pops to understand the feelings he experienced both in and after returning from Vietnam. He wants veterans of all wars to know they’re not alone – that others have the same post-combat or post-military service “demons” to confront.

It is his hope that friends and family members can better understand why veterans seem to have changed so radically from the way they were before serving in the military and especially in combat.

About the Author

Sgt Pops enjoys hunting, fly fishing, and other outdoor activities. He also enjoys helping veterans new to the VA system to feel welcome and help alleviate their concerns and troubles. He currently lives in Spokane Valley, Washington.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 70