Reflections: Floating Red Petunias

By Deirdre Marie Manley, Ed.D.
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Reflections: Floating Red Petunias is an intimate collection of poetry reflecting the experiences and emotions of a resilient young woman who finds her path and voice simply by showing love. Each work in this creative compilation encourages the reader to lean into the challenges of life, as the writer has, all while remaining on the map and under the radar.

Reflections is a revealing and challenging work that is sure to engage the introspective reader.

About the Author

Deirdre Marie Manley, Ed.D is currently based out of Sanford, Florida. Her worked appeared in “Steps for Success” with National Center on Childcare Safety.

As an avid runner and singer, Dr. Manley is inspired to create poetry for others to read. As a kid growing up she often read the dictionary, absorbing words—to someday be a game changer of spoken word.

Published: 2017
Page Count: 30