Read To Know, Seed To Grow

By Charles D. Currie
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Read to Know, Seed to Grow

Desiring to effect a 180-degree change back toward God in others lives, Charles D. Currie offers a stunning collection of uplifting and joyful verse in Read to Know, Seed to Grow.

As the title suggests, Charles D. Currie wants to plant a seed in your heart, one which will blossom into a knowledge of God and his Son, Jesus, and what the Father and the Son have done for mankind.

With such inspirational offerings as God Always Cares, Move to Christ, Grace, and Never Worry, he reminds us that our daily strife is but a minute in life and that we should keep our eyes on the bigger prizeour eternal life in heaven at the feet of our Creator.

With an abundance of faith and love, Charles D. Currie encourages us to Read to Know, Seed to Grow.

About the Author

A native of Detroit, Michigan, Charles D. Currie now resides in Jacksonville, Florida, where he is a member of the Faith Christian Center. In his spare time he enjoys tennis and basketball and volunteers with various religious and community organizations.

Published: 2010
Page Count: 32