Progress Not Perfection

By Mark Kashirsky
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Former police officer Mark A. Kashirsky is not a celebrity sharing his story of struggle. He is a regular man, husband, father, and White Sox fan. However, after an officer-involved shooting, he began struggling with mental illness—panic attacks, PTSD, depression.

Progress Not Perfection is about several life-changing obstacles that Kashirsky has faced in his short forty years, especially becoming handicapped following a surgery that went wrong. His life changed overnight and he had to push forward every day. Kashirsky details his recovery, his growth, and his acceptance of his new normal. This is a story about coping, and he hopes readers take away positivity and hope. “I want them to realize there is good in this world and it is worth living for. And obstacles can be overcome.”

About the Author

Mark Kashirsky is forty years old. He is happily married to his wife, Jamie, of ten years. They have a sixteen-year-old stepdaughter, Lia, and a nine-year-old son, Jaxon. Kashirsky was a police officer for sixteen years, with the last six years being a detective and an investigator assigned to a homicide task force. He enjoys spending as much time as possible with his family, watching television shows and movies. They are a huge sports family too. They absolutely love the Chicago White Sox and Chicago Bears. Kashirsky and his wife cohost a true-crime podcast called Death Do Us Part Podcast. They love researching for the shows and performing live episodes.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 118

Customer Reviews

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Great book!!!!!!!

Mark writes an awesome story of his ordeal from his PTSD and medical issues. And his struggles to overcome them. This is a great written book. It is awesome. Once I started reading I COULD NOT PUT THE BOOK DOWN!!!!! He is a great inspiration that things can be overcome!!!! I,myself, give 5+ stars!!!!!