Poems About God

By Laura Neal Armstrong
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Poems About God offers an introspective view of everyday events in an attempt to encourage the reader to consider each situation and learn how to apply Gods teachings. In heartfelt poetry that examines topics ranging from interpersonal relationships to the miracle of salvation, Laura Neal Armstrong combines sensitive imagery with strong convictions. In The Christian Walk, she shares the struggles and joys of a life of faith: On this walk will be many, people, some rich but Most poor You just keep looking up to Jesus, you will Keep walking and endure. Other pieces explore forgiveness, social influences, and family bonds. Throughout this inspirational collection, the author consistently returns to faith in God as the answer for and the basis of life. Poems About God celebrates the individuals personal daily relationship to the Divine.

About the Author

Laura Neal Armstrong currently resides with her husband, Art Armstrong, in Illinois. She is the mother of three daughters, Felicia Neal, Annazette Cowling, and Deanna Cowling. In addition to writing, Ms. Armstrong enjoys traveling, cooking, bowling, walking, exercising, and working with children. This is her first published book.

Published: 2003
Page Count: 82