Personas Of A Project II: Ennoblement Of The Diary

By J. Wiggins aka Official
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Personas of a Project II is a book of poems, quotes to live by, AOLs (Analogies of Life), and illustrations that encompasses Official’s life and imagination in an artistically and purposely designed manner, or as he puts it in one of the enclosed pieces, “It’s like an intricate exhibit astronomically presented in a manner exquisite by my nature as intended.”

The subtitle of this book, “Ennoblement of the Diary,” symbolizes a rise to noble rank, an upgrade, so to speak. This book is a testament to that statement as far as his writing and understanding of life.

About the Author

J. Wiggins aka Official obtained his B.A. in business communication (with a minor in psychology) from Bryant University. He completed active duty service to his country as an Avionics Tech. for the United States Marine Corps, and he also obtained his BSCJ (concentration in Law Enforcement) from AIU Online. He is currently a police officer in NY. Lastly, I published my 2nd book (which you are reading now); a major personal accomplishment for me.

Official may have made some advancement in his writing and in his personal life, but it doesn’t change who he is. Our past prepares our present, which paves the way for our future, and no matter where a person goes in life, they should NEVER forget from where they came.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 180