More Times Than One

By Bob Gene Tate
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This collection of poetry and short stories covers topics from sports to animals to the struggles people experience in their everyday lives. Bobby Gene Tate recognizes that while life is sometimes tragic, most situations can be approached with humor. He believes that tolerance and compassion can make even the worst situations more bearable. He hopes readers find his work entertaining and that his poetry and short stories inspire them to keep trying.

About the Author

Bobby Gene Tate was born with a slight case of cerebral palsy in Palo Pinto county in 1949. Most of his relatives were teachers and farmers, and he worked as a teacher himself for thirty years. He believes that education is the best way for ordinary people to improve their situation. His hobbies include sports (particularly basketball), reading, and taking care of all types of animals. If he’s not at home, he can normally be found at a basketball game or livestock auction.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 370