In The Presence Of Light

By Sharon C. Eccleston
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Peace and the ability to stand and live in a place of optimism is not easy. It can be hard, and it can be a daily fight! We forget this battle so unconsciously that it becomes second nature to us, and most times we don’t even realize that we are fighting. We arbitrarily wave it off as “doing what we have to do” or assessing and then responding to (or not responding to), situations, events, or interactions that occur.

I believe helping to build up others can be very instrumental in finding our own pathway and strength in life. Many times, I don’t even think it is that hard. Sometimes all that is needed is a smile that reaches your eyes or a nod of acknowledgement. You don’t even have to open your mouth!

One Saturday morning I was late for a doctor’s appointment. As I got outside, I realized that my street was closed off because of some necessary work being done. I would have to back out and navigate the cones that were set-up so no cars could enter the block. Now, . . . . I can drive well but backing out an SUV out of a narrow street is admittedly a challenge for me. Couple that with the fact that I was already anxious! I was lucky that there were a couple city workers doing their scheduled route, who adjusted the cones for me so I could come out . . . . . but then I was on my own. The street was now starting to come alive with more people. 

I continued to backup, and do not know how one of the cones ended up under my passenger rear tire, but it did. Of course, people are now on the sidewalk gathering because they are too afraid to cross the street and I am in panic mode. Then suddenly, this man who was walking his dog, comes up to the car and asked me if I was alright. I said, “Sir I can’t back-up this car.” He said to put the car in park and let him look at the cone under the tire. He came back and said it was stuck, and he was going to try to pull the cone out as I gently moved the car forward. I said okay. He started to move away, and then he turned back and looked me straight in my eye and said, “Miss please don’t kill me and my dog – Make sure to put the car in 'drive’ and not ‘reverse.’” The dog had never left his side. I said sir, I got this! When he was done, he smiled at me and then he and his dog were gone. I can tell you that I have lifted that man up in prayer countless times since that incident and he will more than likely forever be a stranger to me. He showed me kindness and gave his time and effort just because he saw my need!

Let it be, that at the end of each day, we ourselves can call on Him, knowing in our hearts that we have genuinely tried to reflect the image we were made in. No, we can never get it exactly right, but we can make every effort to. This book is written in the hope that it will show the human difference that we make every day in each other’s lives. It really isn’t that hard, especially when we are connected to Him!

Thoughts to share:

Feed your soul with positive things, and people that make you happy and show you good will. Lift your spirit by giving back to the universe that which you feel is your gift to give no matter how small. Be genuine in giving love and kindness from the heart! And lastly remember... roses always work!!

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 54