I Was Married

By Joy Horakova
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Welcome to my year. Broken up into dark, mystic seasons of love and grief, shame and isolation, pain and redemption. This book is composed of poems, thoughts, dreams, and journal entries, all chronologically displayed for you to read and relate to. I wrote because I had no other way of being heard. No other way to healthily free myself from what I was feeling, and no other book that would tell me what I should be doing.

I want you to feel understood, because I didn’t.

I want to be heard, because I wasn’t.

I want you to grow, because I did.

About the Author

Born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Joy Horakova is active in the downtown culture of the city, exploring coffee shops, drinking pumpkin spice lattes, and shopping at secondhand bookstores. She enjoys travel and expanding her education in the health sciences within her career as a massage therapist and learning the language of her Czech and Slovak heritage.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 188