Gittens Thoughts From Within: A Collection Of Poems By Daughter And Father, Debbie And Lionel Gittens

By Debbie V. Gittens-Hans
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GITTENS THOUGHTS FROM WITHIN: A Collection of Poems by Daughter and Father, Debbie and Lionel Gittens

Gittens Thoughts from Within shares the inner thoughts of a father-daughter duo and their relationship with God and His creation as well as their relationships with others, their family and friends, and the events that have shaped their lives through poetry. Their poems permit others to see within their worlds about the philosophies and aspects of life that mean the most to them. Although written at different times and different locations, father and daughter living oceans apart, it is a glimpse that love and brotherly love are vital for relationships worldwide and spanning through the eras. And that no matter where we come from, or when, there are commonalties between us all, a desire for hope, bonding, and eternal peace.

About the Author

Debbie V. Gittens-Hans is an active member of her church community, including helping the homeless. She holds fundraisers at her home every October called Kozyfest, where attendees bring items for the homeless. She then bags them up and distributes them on New Year’s Day.

In her spare time Gittens-Hans enjoy writing, coloring, dancing, collecting Snapple caps, gardening and walking through the forest. She loves spending time with her family most of all.

In 1998 Lionel J Gittens received the distinction of a Member of the International Society of Poets. In 2002 his presentation “Omega” was selected for publication in

Memories of the Millennium the Best Poems and Poets of the 20th century.

Both father and daughter were born on the twin island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

Published: 2022
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