Eternal Soldier

By Otis Glenn
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Otis Glenn reaches into the heart of the reader in bringing interior struggle to life in Eternal Soldier. The reader steps onto the battlefield of the human spirit and sees the conflict vividly portrayed. From the struggle to free oneself of treacherous friends, to the warning of what awaits those who choose a life of wickedness and deceit, to the need to embrace God, Glen pulls no punches in his verse. By employing both the metaphoric and the all-too-real, Eternal Soldier is able to ultimately capture the epic war waged within every soul and inform the reader that real strength comes from within ones own spirit.

About the Author

The inspiration of his daughter Aiysha drew out the words which flowed from Otis Glenns heart and helped him fulfill his lifelong dream of bringing his worldview to the printed page. When Glenn is not writing poetry, he enjoys jazz, reggae, reading, and listening to political talk shows. A native of Athens, Georgia, he has lived the past twelve years in Hempstead, New York. He has two sons, Rahsaan and Jamaal, who join Aiysha to complete his trio of loving children.

Published: 2006
Page Count: 64