Embers: Poetry For Everyday Living

By Beryl Clemens Smith
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Drawing on Beryl Clemens Smiths varied educational and professional experiences, Embers: Poetry for Everyday Living is an inspirational and motivational compilation of spiritual and philosophical verse. His knowledge of structure and cadence combine with a practical spirituality to create a meaningful and expressive collection. Beryl Clemens Smiths unique perspectives bring an unusual freshness and immediacy to his poetry. Reading the selections in Embers: Poetry for Everyday Living will warm your heart with the richness of life in poetic expression.

About the Author

A native of California, Beryl Clemens Smith and his wife, Sue, have reared two daughters, Felicia Dale Murphy and Charlotte Suzanne Rutherford. A university graduate with three additional years of graduate study, the author has worked as a university instructor, a construction engineer, and an ordained Presbyterian minister. Now retired, he enjoys watercolor and oil painting, hunting and fishing, photography, and further exploring his longtime interest in poetry as a Distinguished Member of the International Society of Poets. Embers: Poetry for Everyday Living is the first published collection of his writing.

Published: 2004
Page Count: 106