Collection Of Poetry (Straight From The Heart)

By Edward A. Benlehr
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True to its title, Collection of Poetry (Straight from the Heart) is a heartfelt compilation of poems expressing the deep and often complicated feelings associated with human relationships. In particular, this collection expresses and illustrates experiences within Edward A. Benlehrs own family. Each poem, now shared with the public, was originally written for a member of the authors family.

After years and experiences, the poems are now in a finished collection. This collection is meant to inspire, and fill the reader with hope and knowledge that love still exist within the family structures of todays world. The poems examine the past and look to the future. None were planned or mapped out. They are all truly straight from the heart. Much like the heart that still cares in spite of being broken, this finished book was once in the trash.

You will walk away from the reading with a new feeling of hope, and the knowledge that there is still good within this world. You simply must look within your heart to find it, as the author has done.

About the Author

Edward A. Benlehr was born in 1955 in Ohio. He is now a resident of Tucson, Arizona and has a varied background having worked in retail, manufacturing, woodworking, and much more. His most important and primary job now is helping his wife of 15 years who owns and manages an adult group home.

In addition to writing poetry is interests also include coin and currency collecting. Both aid in relaxation and his clarity of thought. He often feels writing expresses better the feelings that words cannot, and is more therapeutic. This is especially true in regard to his family.

Edward A. Benlehr describes himself as a simple man who happens to record feelings in written word and rhyme. He decided to publish his poems at the request of his wife after her cancer diagnosis.

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Published: 2013
Page Count: 80