Charley’s 20/20 Visions: Spiritually Inspired Mental Insights

By Charley E. Williams
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Charley’s 20/20 Visions: Spiritually Inspired Mental Insights is a collection of poetry based on the author’s perceptions. Containing a veritable lifetime of observation, Charley E. Williams’ unique personality and upbringing offers a fresh perspective on life.

About the Author

Charley is a resource conservationist who enjoys helping people manage and conserve the natural resources on their land. During sleepless nights and quiet hours, Charley seeks spiritual insights to construct meaningful verses.

Born and raised in the South, Williams is the tenth sibling of 14 who grew up on a cotton/soybean/vegetable farm. God-fearing and spiritual, his work is inspired by his faith. 

Williams’ holds offices in the church he attends, which keeps him busy. To catch a glimpse of a spiritually inspired view is precious. Yet, to manifest it, in absence of world view is next to impossible. 

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 172