As A Rose Blooms

By Miguel Aleman Valembrun
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Now it takes his genius to recreate the scene/In the same way it happens with no more/Cosmetics than the movements, the dust, the hour - Ars Poetica I, Valembrun From this basis, poet Miguel Aleman Valembrun crafted and recorded the poetry collected in As a Rose Blooms. This vibrant and varied collection conveys the activity of the poets mind, ever alert to the minute details of life and gracing them with meaning that may be lost to others. These lush poems fluctuate between catching the moment in time, illuminating ones inner psychology, and more broadly offering insightful social commentary. Valembrun takes on many roles within these works from artist to lover to child as he explores themes of relationships, nature, love, modern culture, religion, and foreign lands. Through intricate composition and calculated word play, and this juxtaposition of roles as observer versus one who feels, Valembrun delivers a sharp depiction of emotions as it relates to the breadth of lifes experiences.

About the Author

Miguel Aleman Valembrun presents the roaming connections of an existential wanderer in this, his first published collection of poetry. Valembrun is a native of Haiti now residing in Brooklyn where he is a special education teacher. He holds a bachelor of arts and master of fine arts in English literature.

Published: 2006
Page Count: 104