A Bohemian In A Precarious Belfry – Volume I: Poetry & Prose

By David Scott
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David Scott’s A Bohemian in a Precarious Belfry is a philosophic treatment of life and death via his collection of poems, short stories, essays, and random dialogs – the latter almost as would be experienced by an eavesdropper. It is an unusual reflection on, and examination of, friendship, enmity, joy, strife, hope, and what life does to us in the form of favor and brute random chance, and what we do with one another in the form of friendship, love, loyalty and, too, malevolence and betrayal. All is weaved within fates good and bad, with renewal as experienced and factored into the general human condition.

Here is an avenue to a reexamination of life and death and what these constitute: The enthrallments, the potentials to be realized, the limitations, the acceptances, all within the slow grind of uncertain futures… and certain deaths. Perhaps a custom adjustment to living – and dying – is possible. With the removal of political programming, religious indoctrinations, cultural overlays and expectations, and simple fear, there is at least a potential for a new appreciation, a new capacity, for living… living each… any… life.

About the Author

David Scott is private and iconoclastic on one hand, and on the other quite social at times; one may wonder how a “bohemian” managed to serve 12 years inside the strictures of the U.S. Army. Mr. Scott himself says, “Ask me: I encountered the most diverse field of people in life during my Army years.”

After, Scott was an I.T. executive and authored the MBA-text, I.T. WARS: Managing the Business-Technology Weave in the New Millennium. After that foray into non-fiction, he published his first fiction: The Grim Grind of Life: A PI’s strange bounces through a surfeit of eateries, juke joints, and dark doorways.

He also enjoys crawling through jazz and blues clubs seeking fellow travelers. His love of music has led to a considerable collection of LPs, 78s, Edison discs, and vintage music reproduction equipment from the last century.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 304