A "Bird's" Journey

By Jay C. "Bird" Richardson
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A "Bird's "Journey is an epic 27 chapter autobiographical poem chronicling Jay C. "Bird" Richardson's life from growing up on a farm in rural Pennsylvania through his long battle with drug and alcohol addiction. Mr. Richardson uses poetic verse to share how his addiction led to multiple trips to rehab and incarceration. He writes about trying to avoid his addictions' demonic temptations. In the final chapter, "Tools of Salvation," Jay shares tools he uses to keep his sobriety. Part Two features a series of poems written over a twenty-year period, including "The Treasure Hunter," "Lucky Cop Gets Nine-to-Five Job," and "Days of No Regrets Long Gone."

About the Author

Jay C. "Bird" Richardson is a recovering "done it all" addict/alcoholic. He has two boys, Rhody (16) and Gage (15), a dog named Harry, a turtle, and four fish aquariums. Born in Pennsylvania, Jay spent his teen years in Colorado and now, at 48 years old, lives in Florida.

"Mr. Richardson has written a very engaging book in which people young and old, male or female, addicts or alcoholics, or those that know them, will be able to relate."-Richard McLaughlin, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist, Orlando VA Medical Center.

"Your book would be very helpful to use as a starting point for discussions related to addiction and depression. Many are not able to articulate their feelings of despair and do not recognize when or how to seek help. I endorse this book and hope it will be published as a tool to be used by others with similar issues." –Sharon Crouse ARNP

Published: 2020
Page Count: 152