View From A Kite: Kite Aerial Photography

By Carl Scot Hanson
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Have you ever wondered how to take great aerial photographs without the added expense of renting a plane? Well Carl Scot Hanson has all of the answers in View from a Kite: Kite Aerial Photography. In this grasping text, Hanson describes in great technical detail how to rig and maneuver cameras to kite strings. The result of his years of experimentation and expertise are contained within in explanation, diagrams, and copies of the photographs he has taken. Achieve new heights with your photography skills. Allow Hansons methods of kite aerial photography develop into great views from your kite.

About the Author

An active member of the Seal Beach Kite Club, Mr. Carl Scot Hanson enjoys demonstrating kite aerial photography at Southern California beach communities. His interest in photography and kite flying led to research of kite aerial photography; he taught himself how to navigate and practice it in the field. View from a Kite: Kite Aerial Photography is Mr. Hansons first published book. He wrote it after finding most books on the subject to be too technical. He wanted to write a book that was as fun as the hobby complete with photographs, diagrams, and personal experiences.

Published: 2001
Page Count: 28