Keys To The City: Chicago

By Wesley Griffis III
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The city of Chicago offers some of the most scenic, awe-inspiring views in the whole world. In

Keys to the City, photographer Wesley Griffis III uniquely captures the essence of the city from

perspectives made available to him as a piano mover. Pictures taken from high and low make the

artistry of this book stand out as the viewer sees familiar sights from new and exciting angles

enhancing the stellar images of the City of Broad Shoulders! From those who live in Chicago to

those who have never seen the city directly, all will find themselves falling in love with its

beauty as it is incredibly displayed in Keys to the City! A special thanks to Mark Clement; this

couldn’t have happened without you!

About the Author

Wesley Griffis III is a professional piano mover with Alden piano company. While moving

pianos throughout the city of Chicago and across the country, he expanded his love for

photography by taking pictures of the most scenic views imaginable. The photographer was

inspired by his friend and co-worker, Demetrios Jones, who encouraged him to share his gift! He

is a single dad living in a northern suburb of Chicago with his children, Wesley and Emma.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 58