When Horrible Things Happen: Revealing A Secret To Break A Curse

By Kimble L. Evans
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In When Horrible Things Happen: Revealing a Secret to Break a Curse, Kimble L. Evans recounts a traumatic event that took place for a young child who thought she had no voice, and how it changed her life.

Learning the way of life inside her home environment wasn’t the way of the world, she found the strength to break a curse and have victory by prosecuting her perpetrator; in the process, breaking up a family she loved.

Going through life just surviving, yearning for love and acceptance and to have her own family, by the love of God, she was transformed, learning to live and love herself, surrendering and allowing God’s love to overcome much pain and hurt.

About the Author

Kimble L. Evans was born and raised in Philadelphia. She obtained her general education diploma in 1998 and continued with her schooling, graduating from Philadelphia University in 2011 with a bachelor’s degree in behavior health science. She later attended Rosemont College, where she completed studies for a Master’s in Psychology.

Evans works in the mental health field as a clinical assessment specialist at an outpatient facility within her community. She is an advent member of her church, Triumphant Faith International Worship Center, where she assists the pastor at a forum for women and men who have been abused to discuss and explore past trauma while beginning to heal. She also volunteers every other Saturday and Sunday with D.O.P.E. (Doing Our Part Eclectically), providing meals and clothing to the homeless.

A devoted Christian, Evans and her husband Steven still reside in the city of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection. She has three adult children and two amazing grandsons. Her interests include fitness and working out; planning events, birthdays, and special holidays; spending time with family; reading books; and jewelry making.

Published: 2005
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