Two Foals

By Rose Kelly
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As dark and traumatic and hurtful as your early years can be, there are those who use that adverse beginning to develop coping skills and strength to use later in life, to carve a path toward success and happiness, to discover the love they missed as a child. Two Foals is about surviving both a tragic and fantastic childhood. It is the author’s hope that readers will see how possible it is to survive a painful or frightening childhood and possibly use it to emerge stronger. If not, then her hope is that by reading her story, they will feel less alone and more hopeful.

About the Author

Rose Kelly is the child of a horseman who taught her everything he knew about horses and shared with her how wonderful they are. She is interested in everything and loves to learn new things and regrets only that there is not enough time to learn them all. Kelly has two children who have loved and supported her all their lives. They have taught her to love and have included her in their childhood so that she could experience some of the fun without the fear. They are her strongest allies and she theirs. Kelly learned to fly in her twenties and is passionate about it, even though she does not always have much time to do it. By profession she is a nurse and has been for twenty-two years. A month before retiring, Kelly was offered a position that gave her a chance to help people and their families struggling with cancer. So, for now that is one of her jobs.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 530