Touching The Broken

By Shaquita M (QuitaBelle) Howard
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Touching the Broken is about struggling with hurt. The author speaks about how she got through her darkest times in her life and how she chose to walk in her purpose to tell her story to others that have felt alone due to being hurt. The author points out that so many times in our lives we experience disappointments and feel defeated because others have not only let us down, but we can also let ourselves down by allowing that to tear us down. It doesn’t have to be that way. Break through the fear of being broken. The choice is up to you if you want to remain in your brokenness or take charge of your live to help yourself and others who are hurting.

About the Author

Shaquita M (QuitaBelle) Howard is a workaholic who enjoys the outdoors and long walks. She enjoys going to church with her family and being around positive people. Her hobbies are roller skating, making videos with slide effects and music in the background, and cooking. She also enjoys jump roping and exercising when she has the time. Her special interests are traveling, listening to music, and dancing. She loves spending time with family and friends. “The best times are when we have cookouts; we just laugh with the music playing and playing games with all the kids.” Howard graduated with an Associates of Applied Science degree in Administrative Assistant and also graduated with Associates of Applied Science degree in Business. Currently she is a telephone operator for a hospital that she has been working at for three years.

Published: 2021
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