How Could I Still Love Your Inner Demons

By Shanda Massey
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How Could I Still Love Your Inner Demons is about loving someone you hate at the same time. Author Shanda Massey took a lot of abuse to keep her daughter safe. People aren’t always what and who they appear to be, and she took a lot of pain to try and make her family work.

Shanda loved her abusive husband but hated him at the same time, and she stayed with him be-cause she didn’t want her family to be broken up and her daughter be one of those kids who didn’t have both parents around. She wants her readers to realize that no matter how bad your situation is, you have the power and the upper hand to get away, and it’s okay if things aren’t per-fect in your relationships. The one getting abused is not at fault.

About the Author

Shanda Massey has lived in Texas all her life. She needed a new start, so she moved to Georgia and it was there she found the love she had always searched for. She enjoys fishing, and she loves her family, especially her grandchildren.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 60