The Passionate Earth: The Evolution Of Our Relationship With The Natural World

By John H. Del Signore
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The Passionate Earth is an eco-psychology treatise that portrays the relationship the human species has maintained with planet Earth. It begins with the great transition from hunter-gatherer to agricultural living and follows societal development up to our present disposition of disconnection, discord, exploitation, and our possible extinction in the near future. 

An interdisciplinary understanding of the events and changes that have shaped our relationship with the Earth are presented in detail, and how they have led to our present ecological crisis. The book brings up the urgency of living in a sustainable manner and how we can change our lifestyles to create a state of harmony and connectedness with the biosphere.

The Passionate Earth is an urgent wake-up call intended to promote concerted action to save our environment by all people. As a species, we are in danger of extinction in the next ten years due to our current unsustainable thinking, behavior, and lifestyles. The presentation of the researched materials draws from a wide variety of interdisciplinary sources, both interesting and relevant. It is the intention The Passionate Earth will encourage readers to take our environmental crisis seriously and become good environmental stewards.

About the Author

John H. Del Signore has been involved in environmentally related volunteer activities since his college years, as well as political and social issues as an activist. His environmental interests have been self-driven after becoming aware of the environmental crisis while in college. He studied psychology, and counseling psychology in grad school. He self-educated himself regarding environmental issues. His hobbies include landscape and nature photography, reading scientific books, singing, playing various musical instruments, especially guitar and electric bass, composing instrumental pieces for guitar, and building speaker systems. His favorite outdoor activities are hiking and climbing mountains.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 326