The Last Secrets Of Bodybuilding: A Complete Guide To Exercise And Nutrition For Men And Women

By Sal Banuelos
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At last, the world’s finest gym trainers, nutritionists, bodybuilders, and philosophers have been gathered together and placed in a single book. Not only for building muscle and training for bodybuilding competitions, this guide also teaches readers how to obtain superior mind, power, health, lifestyle, and soul. 

Written to teach anyone from young teens to adults who are interested in getting in shape, how to exercise properly, eat right, and choose healthier lifestyles, this book is intended for everyone—whether they have minimal experience or exercise regularly. Readers will learn how to maximize their genetic potential, how to instantly build muscle and burn fat, how to attain a perfect metabolism, and much more.

Complete with eating plans designed by author Sal Banuelos for any weight category and muscle-building level, one will discover the best diets and supplements of all time, tailored to their own individual physique and workout routine. Workout routines designed for growth are introduced in easy-to-follow charts. Rounded out with separate chapters on supplements, health, and nutrition, The Last Secrets of Bodybuilding stands out from any other book of its kind on the market.

About the Author

Sal Banuelos is a certified personal trainer who has also managed a nutritional health store business for years.

Published: 2023
Page Count: 178

Customer Reviews

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Bodybuilding and exercise

This book is great. For anyone that wants to learn a deep understanding of more than just workout exercises, this book is it. One of the things that stood out to me was the myths of creatine. I thought that creatine will only fill your muscles with water. That is a misconception. It gives you bursts of energy needed between rests to go at it again. I recommend buying it as it it filled with lots of specific knowledge, diets, and exercises tailored for anyone trying to gain or loose weight. Try it out.

Akil Lanton
Fitness nutrition

Great book! The concepts layed out in this book are great for those into fintess, nutrition and doing body building techniques.

Juan Albero Ramirez

I really like the content of this book, there are a lot of things mentioned that were forgotten in the bodybuilding community. Sometimes, eating what you think is healthy and training any exercise is not enough. You need guidance on what to train , when, why, how often, when to change routines , nutrition. Bodybuilding is a lot more complex and this book really delivered! Exited to see if there ever is a second part.