The Last Cast

By Jerry Quinto
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Jerry, or Jedge, as his father likes to call him, began his first fly-fishing trip with his father at ten years old. Throughout their lives, Jerry and his father create memories and bond over their fishing excursions. Through the good times and the struggles, cancer and Alzheimer’s, fishing has always been their way to stay connected to nature, and each other. Follow along for their successes and failures, adventures and tragedies, all the way through the last cast.

About the Author

Jerry Quinto has been a carpenter for over forty years. He especially enjoys making custom wood fly-rod cases. Along with his career, Quinto was involved as a volunteer fireman for fourteen years and has helped coach baseball and wrestling teams for his children and grandchildren. He has taken fly tying classes with his father, belonged to the Golden Spread Fly Fishers Club and Trout Unlimited. Fishing, of course, is always one of his top priorities and finds it a relaxing reprieve from daily life.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 122