Little House On The Fairway: Short Story Series In The Life Of David O’Toole

By Timothy Kiler
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The first book of the Life of David O’Toole series, Little House on the Fairway tells about the challenges of a struggling, family run country club in 1984 Ireland. As David O’Toole attempts to keep their beloved club afloat, he must deal with the swanky, rival club next door, the ornery farmer O’Grady, and all the other challenges and misadventures that come with running a golf course. 

About the Author

Timothy Kiler was born in Wilmington, Delaware. Before retiring, Kiler had an extensive career in the automotive industry as well as working at various golf courses. He and his wife reside in West Palm Beach, Florida, where Kiler spends his time golfing, writing, and running 5Ks.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 44