Following Footsteps: Thank You Dad, For Making Me A Hunter.

By Bob Newland
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Bob Newland spent his entire life living in New Jersey hunting and fishing in the fields, woods, streams, and bay of his home state. But a passion within drew him to want to experience new adventures. In his adult life he has hunted the mountain tops of Alaska and New Zealand and traversed the plains and bushveld of Africa as well as other destinations near and far. Following Footsteps chronicles his life in the outdoors from his childhood days hunting with his father and grandfather to his current expeditions. He openly reveals how much he misses his mentors but also how much enjoyment he has garnered from introducing the outdoors lifestyle to his children and others.

About the Author

Newland also discusses hunting’s relationship to wildlife conservation and the role he now plays in Safari Club International. He believes that organizations like SCI, Ducks Unlimited, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and the Wild Turkey Foundation are responsible for the robust wildlife population we enjoy in America.

Following Footsteps shares heartfelt stories of the author’s bond to his past and exciting tales of the adventures he has taken around the globe


"Just finished reading this book written by my former business partner and best friend Bob Newland. I enjoyed the many hunting adventures across the world. Bob explains the beauty of the places he has been and the many wonderful things his fellow hunters and organizations do for conservation and local charities." - By Jim McPherson

"I just finished reading this book for the 2nd time. Wanted to relive his adventures. I am not a hunter but my Husband, son, his wife & their son is. In Bob's book he tells you about being raised as a hunter and the adventures he goes on. It felt like I was there with him. He talks about people and the good will they do. He tells you about his family which I am a distant part of. His grandfather is my Uncle Willy. The book is an easy read and exciting. If you like hunting & adventures you must read Bob's book." - by Debra Mleczko Jones-Coyle

"Got a deer hanging and too cold today to do anything else but to read Bob Newland’s new book titled Following Footsteps. An easy and entertaining read that is also educational and interesting for all - hunter or not. Highly recommend. Kept my attention & that is hard to do!!" - by Dave Metz. (He ordered 2 more copies as gifts)

"This is another post I did after I gave my mom a copy of my book…..I would not have been able to write Following Footsteps if it wasn’t for the upbringing and education I was provided. Handing Mom a copy of my book was a pretty special moment for me. Thank you for everything you have ever done for me Mom, I love you!

I finished your book last night and even though I've never hunted I really enjoyed reading it. You kept me captivated. I've never been anywhere nor been on a plane so reading about all your experiences got me excited. Of course knowing all of you also held my interest. I still miss your Dad & Grandpa so much so I liked reading all about them too. I'm so proud of you’re a good writer, giving so much knowledge, about the places and the challenges of hunting, it holds a reader's interest." -Judy Ballotta

"I recently enjoyed reading my friend and high school teammate’s new book Following Footsteps. In the book, Bob chronicles his hunting and fishing adventures all over the world. The book is binge-worthy (great storytelling) and I learned a lot about hunting culture (e.g., the differences between hunting in the nearby exurbs versus hunting in remote locations). The book is apolitical. Bob is a shining example of an ethical hunter (e.g., law-abiding, quick kills, harvests almost everything, and gives back). I highly recommend Bob’s book!" -Larry Hsieh

"New book to add to the collection! “Following Footsteps” is a grand tribute to the fathers who took us all hunting. Written by Bob Newland, the treatise is worth reading and gives some retrospect to how we might pass on our beloved hunting heritage. Look up Bob on Facebook"  -Tom Miranda

    Published: 2020
    Page Count: 146

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    Francisco Carabel
    I absolutely recommend this book

    Either you are a hunter or not, you will enjoy it!