Becoming A Country Boy

By Larry E. Elliott
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Becoming a Country Boy describes the experiences of a boy, who lived in the city, but learned, after spending time on his grandparent’s farm, he loved farm life. He loved playing in the fields, playing with the farm animals, fishing in his grandfather’s pond and living in the farm house. He learned the difference between city words and farm terms. He learned fun in the city does not compare to fun on the farm. Read the book and see how a city boy becomes a country boy.

About the Author

Larry E. Elliott served as Senior Chaplain of the Florida Air National Guard. Received the distinction of “Chaplain Emeritus” for being the longest serving (30 years) chaplain in the Air National Guard. Elliott pastored churches in Texas and Florida, served on the Florida Baptist Convention Staff for twenty-seven years, taught Sunday School, and played a euphonium in the church orchestra. He is happily married with two grown sons and three wonderful grandchildren. For sixteen years, Elliott served as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Lone Star Day Care in Jacksonville, Fl.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 44