You Can Do It!

By Laura Brubaker
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Laura Brubaker and Sally McKinney worked in a preschool classroom with special needs children. They delighted in celebrating accomplishments and progress! Their book, You Can Do It!, is a tribute to the many children they nurtured and helped to learn and grow. The environment was fun and positive, and they found themselves saying, “You Can Do It” many times!

The illustrations for You Can Do It! were done using alcohol inks. Rubbing alcohol is spread onto a ceramic tile. The alcohol ink is then applied, one color at a time or a blend of colors. The alcohol and paint form an intense color and pictures are created using a variety of tools. These include a paintbrush, toothpick, blowing air through a straw to move the ink, an air can and anything else that can form a pattern or design. The paint dries and the result is beautiful, as seen in You Can Do It!

About the Author

Laura Brubaker is the mother of two adult children, Brad and Beth, and the grandmother of four. She enjoys animals and art! Sally McKinney is the mother of two adult daughters, Donyata and Talia. She has an Instagram story time for kids, @sallyemckinney and a sign language tutorial on Tik Tok @sallymckinney.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 36