What Makes My Night Light Bright?: A Kid's Guide To Energy

By Tyler Thomason
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Take this book on a fun and educational journey to discover the many energy sources in the world today! This educational book guides you through what makes some categories of energy production easy and others not so easy. Have you ever wondered what makes the light turn on inside your house, or where gasoline comes from? It’s sure to give you a jolt… just enough to turn on your night light!

About the Author

“What Makes My Night Light Bright” is illustrated and authored by Tyler Thomason who has been involved in the energy industry for two decades. He is a husband and the father of two young ones living in Austin, Texas with questions about the wider world. The motivation for this book also comes from different stories we hear about the energy industry. When we can evaluate the reliability and ease of operations in order to secure and store different types of energy, then we will see that we need them all. Variety is good. That should help us all sleep better. Don’t forget to turn on your night light tonight!

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32