The Tales Of Bogey And Pepper

By Judith Cohen
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In The Tales of Bogey and Pepper, we are introduced to these two playful pups and their great adventures as doggie best friends. These loving companions bring such joy into our lives. Join these very special doggies on their grand adventures!

About the Author

Judith Cohen is so proud to have written this book about her past beloved pets, who are to this day so absolutely memorable. She lives in Granger, Indiana, with her husband of thirty years. They have relived so many moments with the two characters of her book, tales that will remain in their minds and hearts forever. Their son and daughter have these memories as well and asked Judith to write about them, which she pledged to do in her lifetime, and her grandchildren gave her the encouragement, as they have heard their many stories about Bogey and Pepper as well.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 40