The Life Of Thor The Kitten: Thor Finds A Home

By H. R. Estrada
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Thor starts life as a little kitten in a box outside, cold and hungry. But when Lisa and her mom find him, they take him home and care for him. He gets bigger and stronger until he’s old enough to meet the other cats in the house. He is so happy to have been adopted into a new family and be loved and cared for. This is a true story about how a loving family can change the life of a little kitten from one of hardship to a dream life.

About the Author

H. R. Estrada was born in Fresno, CA and has enjoyed reading from a young age. She has raised three children who she encouraged to appreciate the importance of education. Estrada majored in psychology, but after two years of college, she stopped to raise her family. In her later years, now living in Pacific Grove, CA, she worked for ten years for the school district with autistic children aged four to six. She loved this job more than the twenty-two prior years she had spent working for AT&T. Writing a children’s book is a part of her “bucket list” She chose to write about all the cats that her youngest daughter Lisa would bring home. She hopes this book brings joy to young children.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 24