The Adventures Of Anthony As Seen Through His Eyes

By David B. Miller
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Anthony is a six-year-old boy who likes to play with his friends, travel with his parents, and go to school. One day in class, his teacher notices that Anthony is having trouble reading what is written on the blackboard. Concerned, she sends Anthony to the school nurse, who suggests that Anthony visit an optometrist and determine if he needs glasses.

Ronnie, Anthonys best friend, wears glasses and not only looks very cool but assures Anthony he sees so much better with them on. Anthony also speaks to a boy his age on the school bus and learns how great it is to see clearly.

When Anthony gets home, he is excited to let his parents know about the nurse visit and seeing an optometrist. Within a week, the family has seen the doctor and picked out frames for Anthony, and he is wearing his new glasses.

He is so happy to see betterand yes, he thinks he looks pretty cool, too!

In The Adventures of Anthony as Seen through His Eyes, David B. Miller shares the delightful tale of this young boy and prepares children for their first trip to the optometrist. Included within Anthonys story is a handbook that parents can share with their children, explaining what goes on in an optometrists office, from when they come in the door until they leave. This handbook is supplemented with definitions and pictures of testing equipment.

David B. Miller succeeds in informing and educating through The Adventures of Anthony, a wonderful tool for a parent or teacher looking to teach children about their eyesight.

About the Author

A native of Missouri, David B. Miller works as an optician in his home of Winchester, Virginia. He and his wife, Svitlana, are the parents of three children, Pamela, Nicki, and Oleg. Miller is a member of the American Board of Opticians and the National Academy of Opticianary. In his spare time, he enjoys bowling, golf, and photography. The Adventures of Anthony as Seen through His Eyes is David B. Millers first published book.

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Published: 2010
Page Count: 30